Ready to Embrace Their Past – Jet To Enter the ARIA Hall of Fame

Melbourne rock band Jet will be inducted into this year’s ARIA Hall of Fame; the announcement coinciding with the 20th anniversary of their debut album Get Born which sold more than five million copies worldwide.

The four-piece, which formed in the south-eastern suburbs of Dingley, is back on the road for the first time since reforming to play shows with Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band in 2017.

Lead singer Nic Cester has moved back to Melbourne after 15 years living abroad in Italy, and while his brother Chris Cester won’t be on tour due to family commitments in LA, the band, which includes bassist Mark Wilson, is primed and ready to play a slate of shows this week around the country.

According to founding member and guitarist Cameron Muncey, the induction into the ARIA Hall of Fame couldn’t have happened at a better time.

“Going on tour to celebrate 20 years since the release of the record that changed my life quite substantially is quite a thrill,” says Cameron Muncey, a father of three who is juggling the first day of the school holidays as we speak.

“You don’t think about these recognitions every day, but when it’s happening it brings it all back into your consciousness. That has allowed me to feel very present and grateful for the moment,” says Muncey.

The band has been in a Melbourne rehearsal studio this past week, sounding mightier than ever.

“It’s good to be playing those tunes again and I think we sound better than we ever did,” says Muncey.

The 43-year-old who met the Cester brothers at St Bede’s College, also co-wrote most of songs Get Born.

Their hit single Are You Gonna Be My Girl comes with a pre-chorus moment that Muncey suggested.

Are You Gonna Be My Girl was lacking something. That’s when I came up with the “Big Black Boots, Long Brown Hair” part to break it up,” he explains.

“It’s like I came in and put a ribbon on the top of the song. It became another catchy moment before the chorus and I was pleased with that contribution,” says Muncey.

He also reflects on writing Come Around Again with Nic Cester who was open to his ideas.

“I wrote the verse and Nic was into it and was inspired to write the chorus. It’s good when you can inspire someone else and they want to get on board with something you’ve written,” says Muncey.

A united band effort in the songwriting process was when they penned Get What You Need.

“That song was so much fun because it was Chris, Nick and myself all writing together and throwing ideas around. There’s a good energy I can still hear on it,” he says.

Muncey is the first to admit that being caught between two brothers in a rock band wasn’t always an easy one to navigate.

“Sometimes I was between the brothers in a way,” he says.

“They might be tussling, and I was the guy trying to convince both of them they were right. Unfortunately, I was in the middle and not smart enough to keep well away from that dynamic,” he says.

“It’s a weird thing and definitely an energy zap. Politics in a band can be a lot, but I preferred to get into character on stage and channel my rock hero legends. You could say I am the quiet dude into literature and reading. I am chilled personality and not naturally an over-the-top exhibitionist. I love the limelight, but I love to retreat too,” says Muncey.

From living in a bungalow out the back of his Mum’s place to suddenly finding himself living in LA and making a debut album for a major label Elektra was a stark contrast for Muncey who admits living out his dream felt surreal.

“All of a sudden, I was the boss of stuff – we had crew, I had decisions to make and there were lawyer contracts. It was all very different from time kicking around Melbourne and playing shows at pubs and having a blast. It suddenly felt serious and intense,” he says.

Instead of relocate to LA, Muncey followed his brothers to London where he was based from 2004 to 2011. He met his wife Sarah at the Duke of Windsor, where Jet performed and gained momentum in the industry in the early 2000s. He tied the knot in 2009 and they share three children aged 12, eight and five.

“Being a dad is huge deal for me,” says Muncey.

“The success I had in my 20s enabled me in my 30s to completely immerse myself and be a full time Dad and husband. I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world,” he says.

“Sometimes I think a trip to New York could add some glamour in my life [laughs], but the quiet satisfaction of being with your kids and those you love the most – that’s what matters,” he adds.

For now, Muncey is rolling with the ARIA Hall of Fame induction and says he’ll enjoy the  night more than when they won seven ARIAs in 2004. “I am in a calmer state of mind and can appreciate the moment more,” says Muncey.

And the question on everybody’s lips – will there be new music from Jet in 2024?

“We want to bring something new to the table which may very well happen,” says Muncey.

“It has crossed out minds to give this music thing another crack, with Nick being in Melbourne it makes it easier to give him a call and say let’s jam.”

(Cameron Muncey, Nic Cester and Mark Wilson) pose for portraits at Bakehouse studio on the 17th of September 2023 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Martin Philbey) *****Jet

The ARIA Awards will premiere live on Stan at 5pm AEDT for the first time in Australian history.

The live stream will be followed by a free-to-air broadcast across the Nine Network at 7.30pm AEDT withperformances and moments available on the @ARIA.official YouTube channel.

Jet Get Born tour dates:

22 September at Forum Theatre Melbourne.

23 September Hindley Street Music Hall Adelaide.

29 September Brisbane’s Fortitude Music Hall.

30 September at Enmore Theatre Sydney.


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