The Write Drop chats to Tony Yan, owner of Ming Dining in Melbourne. He talks pairing Yum Cha with wine how to do it right.

THE DISH: Prawn toast: a deep-fried Cantonese dim sum dish made from small pieces of bread that have been buttered and filled with a juicy prawn centre before being placed in the deep fryer.

THE DROP: Dry Sparkling White Wine or a young Riesling, such as Jansz Premium Cuvee. The acidity in the drink balances out the oil in the dish perfectly.


THE DISH: Chinese soup dumplings – also referred to as Shanghai Soup Dumplings, Xiaolongbao, or Tang Bao.

THE DROP: Domaine Bouchard Pere et Fils La Vignee Chardonnay features unique notes of peach, apricots and flowers. To perfectly highlight the savoriness of the Xiao Long Bao, pair it with this wine for sufficient acidity.

THE DISH: Har Gow are Cantonese shrimp dumplings – a classic dim sum. The filling is relatively simple and lightly flavoured to allow the tasty shrimp flavour shine.

THE DROP: Chablis. The Chardonnay grape used in Chablis produces a wine with high acidity and flinty minerality, which complements the sweetness and brininess of the shrimp.

THE DISH: Char Siu Bao is a Cantonese baozi (bun) filled with barbecue-flavoured cha siu pork. Golden orbs of soft, tender bao bread envelope sweet barbecued pork within.

THE DROP: Chenin Blanc. Sweet with sweet, the Chenin Blanc offers residual sugar. It has crisp minerality, plenty of apple, stone fruit, and floral aromatics, and a honeyed sweetness that is perfect with the sweet buns and filling.

THE DISH: Deep fried banana and ice cream: Sweet bananas are dipped in a light batter for deep frying, then finished with honey and a sprinkle of sesame seeds. Served with a scoop of ice cream on the side.

THE DROP: Riesling. The sweet deep-fried banana and vanilla ice cream has been a beloved dessert for generations, which pairs nicely with the strong acidity of a Riesling.


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