At The Bar with Bahama Gold’s Gus Gluck

The Write Drop catches up with Gus Gluck who heads the drinks list at Old Palm Liquor, Neighbourhood Wine & Bahama Gold.

Melbourne – Tell Us Why

I wasn’t born in Melbourne, but it’s where I choose to live.  I’ve lived here for seven years and with time, it’s the acts of friendliness I love most. From talking to the elderly Italian ladies who shop at Northcote Plaza to the man who sells Simit at Preston Market, or the kids who play with my son at the Fairfield playground. This is the city where conversations start with eyes open rather than dimmed heads. Oh, and Preston Market – in my opinion it is every bit as historically brilliant as the Rialto and an example of great community space.

Food Memory

Eating chicken feet in black bean sauce at Yum Cha. It’s both a memory and a constant thread in my life. My dad ate them in front of me as a child, my grandad before him. Probably unusual considering I’m of English/Polish/Austrian heritage. My favourite was last eaten at Chuen Chuen Ku in London’s central Chinatown. It doesn’t exist anymore, but it’s where all the Glucks ate theirs. My favourite food memory in Melbourne is eating my first Australian mango from Coles – it literally blew the lid off my tiny brain.

Favourite Bar

The Raccoon Club in Preston is the place. It’s a true friendly + unfriendly place. It has the confidence of knowing that life is short and shouldn’t be taken seriously. A lesson in vibe trumping every other stratum of venue creation.

What to Drink

Bright red at any of Neighbourhood Wine, Old Palm Liquor or Bahama Gold. It’s a shameless promotion of my work but we put an extensive amount of work into it and am proud to say it’s a delicious glass of chilled red wine. Or a Guinness served by Matt Stirling at Caretakers Cottage, because he’s one of my heroes.


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