Ghost Donkey – a NYC bar arrives in Melbourne

From New York via Mexico comes Ghost Donkey which has just opened at Crown Melbourne. This is where you head for a curated list of tequila and mezcal spirits while Mexican food makes it a perfect pairing for a night out.

The NYC concept bar trades in other cities such as Las Vegas, Phoenix and Denver in the USA plus Auckland, and now makes its debut on the ground floor promenade of Crown Melbourne.

There’s plenty of interesting cocktails on offer here, with Restaurant Manager Darragh Carrick pointing to his favourite – the Mezcal Sun-risa which he likes to drink with a side of wild mushroom nachos.

The El Burro is another cocktail must-try; a refreshing tropical drink that balances the smokiness of mezcal with the sweet of coconut tequila. Add to this a whack of fruity and bitter elements from the various rums; and you’ll love that’s it served in one of their hand painted Donkey cups. Cos who doesn’t love a kitsch moment right?

Ghost Donkey will have more than 35 mezcals and tequilas on the menu, served in a traditional style, poured generously into handmade copitas or in elevated shot glasses. The bar’s fussy point of difference is knowing some of us like plenty of salt when drinking mezcal, but seasonal fruit pairing is also key to make the drink a winner.

The Write Drop speaks to Ghost Donkey’s Darragh Carrick for At The Bar Series.


Galway, Ireland. There is so much to love about my city. It’s the welcoming pub culture, live Irish music and festivals such as The Galway Food Festival and Galway International Oyster and Seafood Festival.


It would have to be the first time I tried Isaan food in the Northeast of Thailand, specifically Laab Moo, one of my all-time favourites. Isaan foods are full of bold and well-balanced flavours that combine savory, spicy, sour all in one – delicious.


Trying Pálinka on a rooftop bar in Budapest while watching the sunset over the city.


A full Irish breakfast. It can’t be beaten.


Eau De Vie in Sydney; has to be one of the most impressive bars I have ever experienced; the cocktail list and whiskey selection are something not to be missed.


I have always really enjoyed sipping a nice tequila, each one just has its own distinctive flavour profile to discover, and it is an extremely versatile spirit to use in cocktails.


A trip to Mexico for work. I am extremely excited to learn more about agave products and want to experience the creation of tequila and mezcal firsthand.



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