At The Bar with Satirical Beauty Queen Emily Carr

Brisbane-born and Melbourne-based actor Emily Carr unveils a new show satirical show Beauty Queen at the Melbourne Fringe Festival in October.

Her tongue-in-cheek comedy explores our universal obsession with youth and beauty; all while cranking the chaos to 11 in a quest to show us when happens when that inner dialogue goes off-script.

Carr turns to the god of vanity himself as her starting point. Enter Narcissus – the Greek mythological figure who fell in love with his beauty and drowned while staring into his own reflection in a pool of water. You get the drift!

“I’ve always been interested in our obsession with youth and beauty,” says Emily Carr who plays the beauty queen on a quest to be Miss World Australia.

“It’s a complex discussion and individual and societal vanity both play a big role in this show. But at the same time, what’s wrong with a little vanity?” she says.

“Women in particular are often ostracised and labelled as anti-feminist or bimbos for showcasing even the tiniest bit of self-expression,” says Carr.

The Queensland University of Technology Drama graduate, who trained with NIDA and worked in improv, puppetry and voiceover coaching, is also a marriage celebrant in her spare time. Is there anything Carr can’t do?

“I was the unofficial celebrant for my eldest brother’s wedding a few years ago, and discovered how creative the process can be,” says Carr.

“My experience as a celebrant has no links to my current show but you better believe a show about marriage is coming,” she adds.

Carr lives in Melbourne with her partner and shares her favourite place to drink in Abbotsford, where to score the best pizza slice in Brooklyn, NYC and her hot tip for a touristy thing to do in Brisbane.


Melbourne has been home for eight years, but I am originally from Brisbane. While I’m proud to be from the sweat-induced sunshine state, I absolutely love Melbourne and don’t plan to leave anytime soon. I love that I can go into the city and choose from an abundance of plays, comedy shows or musicals at any given time, or that I can overindulge at one of the many incredible restaurants and bars located down obscure alleyways or on rooftops. I particularly love that I can venture to any surrounding suburb and find that they’re just as vibrant and stacked with bars, cafes, op shops and independent shows that are just as good as their commercial competitors.


I love food, so the idea of picking just one favourite memory is absolute chaos in my brain. One  that comes to mind is Grimaldi’s Pizzeria under the Brooklyn Bridge. If heaven exists, it’s here. I’m an absolute snob with pizza – often the base is good but the sauce is average, or the sauce is delicious but the cheese ratio sucks. But this one slapped. Every part of the pizza from the base to its toppings tasted like it had been made by gods.


I love the Retreat Hotel in Abbotsford. It’s an old, two-storey pub that gives off the impression that builders once put up some walls on a whim just to create rooms. It’s a clunky labyrinth and awesome. There is no set demographic either – you can find northside hipsters, young families and old timers who look like they’ve been sitting on the same stool for 40 years. Their live music rocks and the vibe is cosy and unpretentious.


A gin martini: I try to be classy but everyone sees right through me.


Hair of the dog baby.


I love Felons Brewing Co at Howard Smith Wharves in Brisbane. The weather is always spectacular. Sitting in the sunshine drinking a cold beer on the river is something I greatly miss about QLD. I always look forward to this when I visit.


This is no secret but Pt Leo Estate is well worth checking out if you visit the Mornington Peninsula. The restaurant is beautiful and I ate one of the best appetisers of my life here. Or if your budget is slim, which mine usually is, you can wander through the Sculpture Park connected to the venue. It’s an outdoor gallery situated on the cliffs. Not only do you have a beautiful view of the ocean and some cool sculptures, you can drink your wine as you go. The walk also prevents you from “sampling” one too many wine tastings.


Rum and I have been at odds since I drank it one New Year’s Eve and ended up in bed before 9pm. However, my partner was gifted the Bundaberg Solera Rum, and I’m a changed woman. It’s like Christmas in a glass.




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