At The Bar with Musician Henry Wagons

Henry Wagons; one of Melbourne’s finest musicians and also the host of Tower of Song radio show on Double J, has spent much of this year on the road touring the USA and UK playing tunes from his latest solo album South of Everywhere.

But the hottest word on the street is that his Americana inspired-country band The Wagons happened to play a sneaky show at Lulie Tavern last weekend – more to come in the New Year.

For now, it’s time to boot-scoot to a very special Christmas show at the Melbourne Recital Centre for Vika & Linda Bull’s ‘Gee Whiz, It’s Christmas (Again). Henry is hosting the evening with his 10-year-old daughter Casper, and will perform some hits too.

 He talks to The Write Drop for our At The Bar Series.


My first South Melbourne market dim sim was a revelation, direct from the source. The queue was swift, the condiment station was perfect. A perfectly oiled machine; a deep-fried dream.


Lulie Tavern in Abbotsford reminds me of the best bars in Austin, Texas. Stray whisky bottles, wood-panneling, great food, booze and plenty of friendly smiles. There’s a feeling that the night might escape you at any moment, in a sea of Americana music and long conversation.


Whisky Sour (made with a Scotch preferably). Whisky is often flowing through my veins. And, like the cocktail, I like to operate with a good balance of zest and sweetness.


A cold and crisp mimosa. Hair of the dog at its most refreshing.


Eltham Hotel, Eltham NSW. A most amazing classic country pub with a very cool twist. Friendly, young publicans with a vigour and passion for good food, music and creating a welcoming space for both the locals and fly-by-nighters alike. You can get all the pub classics without judgement, but also dive deeper into the food and cocktail menus. The rooms are all uniquely themed, bouncing off the storied history of the Hotel. So welcoming, it’ll have you considering making a tree-change to Eltham, NSW after your second round of drinks.


My favourite wine is a Lagavulin 16 whisky! Haha.


My cousins used to work at Turkey Flat in the Barossa. They have some of the oldest grape vines in the Valley, beautifully twisted and gnarled. We once pulled over and cheekily grabbed a few of the grapes from the most ancient vines. They didn’t taste great, but bloody amazing in their wine though! I truly love their rosé.


I’m off to zone out with my family in Fiji. After an extremely hectic 2023 full of touring, work and travel, making noise and finding friends, my Fiji itinerary is to plonk myself near the pool, pina colada within reach, and do absolutely nothing.



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