At The Bar with Marcus Radny – founder of cask wine label Gonzo Vino

Gonzo Vino’s latest cask wine varietals have hit the shelves; filled with quality tipples that will change your perception of drinking wine from a box.

They’re the perfect go to when you’re heading out for a picnic, a camping trip, or just need a glass at home that doesn’t require you opening a bottle and leaving it to go to waste.  

Their casks hold for six to eight weeks once open, and according to its founder Marcus Radny, this means no more compromising on quality, opting for a cheap wine, or tipping the remainder in your pasta sauce.

What’s more, they’re all about being sustainable in the process.

“Gonzo is all about reducing carbon emissions from glass in the wine industry. Each cask we make uses 94% less carbon across four KPI’s than the same four bottle equivalent,” says Marcus Radny. And they’re working with Close the Loop in Melbourne on a way to recycle the bladders inside too. Watch this space.

So far, they’re offering the following varietals in a 2023 cask format including Riesling, Vermentino, Rose, Cabernet, Mataro, Petit Verdot, Fiano, a white and a red blend, Tinta Barocca and Zibbibo. A mix of skin contact whites, and chillable reds are also available.

“Casks have had a hard life, from their birth in 1964, up until the middle of the 2010’s, but it’s not all bad news,” says Radny. “The technology of the bags and the unwavering commitment of a small but enthusiastic group of wineries means that there’s no need to be afraid of the cask any longer. The wines are exceptional, benefit the environment, are highly transportable and made with love, care and attention. Look to be the cool guy, the early adopter, and give yourself an “I told you so” moment when those that mocked, bring a box to the party in years to come.”

The Write Drop talks to Marcus for our At The Bar series.


I love Tokyo. Having lived and worked there, it’s got the best balance of a city that never sleeps, exceptional service, a curious variety of places to visit and always being able to find something new to discover, whether it’s a new bar or a record store tucked away in someone’s apartment.


Roadside potato masala dosa at a truckstop on the outskirts of Mumbai, India. I was so surprised that something so delicious could come from such a clandestine operation, and hit me right where I needed it after hours of travelling Indian wine regions.


It’s got to be Sonny in Hobart. Saison ‘Flowers’ Vermouth, on ice with a freshly-hewn hunk of orange.


Vin Jaune. Misunderstood by the masses, but those that are in the know, love it.


45 minute HIIT session in the gym, lots of sparkling water and a good attitude.


Bar Copains, Sydney. A mix of cool, unpretentious food, killer staff and a vibe that hits you right in the heart.


Peter Lauer Riesling, Fass 17, Germany. A barely off-dry wine with texture, acidity, mouthfeel, character and length. Add in its ageability, and you can’t miss. It’s a dynamo of a wine.


Bonny Doon, Monterey USA. The guy thinks he was abducted by aliens, and makes some of the most whacky, delicious wines anywhere in the world.


Highwayman’s x AOB Diemans Rising Whiskey Tasmania x Byron Bay. A style of ageing that only total madmen could think up. Whiskey raised in bourbon, maple syrup, sweet wine, apera and pinot noir casks. Who thinks of this??


Singapore is on the cards for November 2023, wrapping up a year of mega-international travel showing off Gonzo Vino to a global audience. 10 days of events and trade shows in Singapore with my distributor, Jen.


House Party White Blend – a mad mix of chardy, vermentino and riesling, with 9 months in old barrels. It’s zippy, fresh and textural. Suitable for the park or pasta.




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