At The Bar with Interior Designer and Singer Shaynna Blaze

Interior designer and The Block judge Shaynna Blaze has reacquainted herself with music, and recorded a new album due for release later this year.

Her first single Warrior is an ode to female empowerment and a reminder that backing yourself no matter how tough times get is always her commitment to self.

Warrior was co-written with Gary Pinto – the pair first met via mutual friends in 2017. At its heart, the power anthem is about resilience spurred by the pandemic – where Blaze found herself questioning life’s bigger purpose.

In her 20s, Blaze used to sing in jazz clubs to pay the bills – and wine bars at Southbank too. But it was while her children were working on a film script together a few years ago, that the topic of what would work as a film score spurred Blaze to get creative.

“I initially started a conversation with both my kids looking initially at how they get rights to a song for a film. It’s quite expensive and discovered it’s best to create something independently,” says Blaze.

“That’s when I suggested I write a song for it. It was the movie that laid down the initial inspiration for me to do more with music again,” she says.

Warrior was inspired by the Women’s March for Justice in Canberra – led by former Liberal staffer Brittany Higgins on March 4, 2021.

 “The frustration of not being able to speak up and then being diminished when you do, is where i was coming from personally with this song,” says Blaze.

“That’s why I have used some of those inspirational quotes on the extended version of the song, intercepted with speeches. I am making it an anthem not just for me, but for others too.”



I live in Hawthorn; and love the architecture and buildings. Autumn is one of my favourite times too. I love the immediacy of feeling like you’re in the country in parts, but only eight minutes away from the city with all shops within walking distance from home. It has a village feel and very community-minded.


My daughter Carly and I have had dinner at Taxi Dining Federation Square and then head to Transport for cocktails where you can overlook the Arts Centre. Commune Wine in Southbank is another favourite spot. There’s an outdoor area which is always beautiful for people watching. It used to be called Walter’s Wine Bar and I have memories of performing there too.


A dry martini or a dry Chablis.


It has to be a bottle of Bollinger champagne, expensive with lots of fizz.


I always seek out orange juice after a big night out. I also like to sit in the sunshine with a pot of light white tea. Getting a lot of vitamin D is important for me.


I catch up with interior designer friend Darren Palmer when in Sydney and we love a breakfast at Bill’s in Bondi together.


I have a place in Kyneton which I get to frequently. You’ll find me at The Piper Street Wine Company. They support a lot of local wineries with plenty of local wines on their list. They make sure they have a big variety and a blackboard each day offering wines by the glass and a food menu that changes. It’s a destination I recommend to family and friends. It’s phenomenal. I last had a dry rosé there.


Europe – going to Paris, Amsterdam and visiting Croatia.

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