At The Bar with Client Liaison X Vodka Cruiser

Client Liaison’s vocalist Monte Morgan and producer/keyboardist Harvey Miller are best known for their serenade to the 80s via a kitsch wall of sound, but the pair is also big on merchandise – or shall we call it “farshun darling“.

This summer they’ve collaborated with Vodka Cruiser to give us a reason to start collecting their kitsch limited-edition pieces – all while enjoying a tipple too.

Back in 2018, Client Liaison unveiled its first-ever fashion collection in Sydney for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.  I was lucky enough to be an invited journalist who attended the much-hyped extravaganza which from memory fused all the iconic musical hallmarks of the 80s, with models walking down the runway to John Farnham’s Pressure Downand INXS’s One of My Kind – not before ending on an even higher note with the duo performing on the runway too. At the time they launched a line of menswear, womenswear and accessories that certainly caught the attention of fashion editors across the country.

Photo by Lucas Dawson

With Vodka Cruiser, the lads have put their collaboration hats on again – this time think beach towels, drink coolers, T-shirts and duffle bags and the iconic 80s hat of the decade – a visor!

The Write Drop spoke to Monte Morgan and Harvey Miller for our At The Bar series.


HARVEY: I grew up in Albert Park, which is just south of the Melbourne CBD. Family friendly, a 50-metre pool, beautiful parks to walk your dog – Albert Park is a heavenly place to live. I feel very lucky.

: I recently moved to Brunswick Heads in NSW, which is a glorious place. I love the natural beauty and eclectic mix of people.


HARVEY: Monte and I were at boarding school, where I thoroughly enjoyed the buffet dining set up. There was also a salad bar, which I would often make sandwiches from. Food is often over complicated and I would love to see more buffet style dining in Melbourne as I’m beginning to grow tired of the current onslaught of fancy bars/restaurants.

MONTE: La Casita Mexican in Brunswick Heads. Epic lamb tacos, rice and corn cob lemonade.


HARVEY: Definitely Angel Music Bar after 11:00pm. I would most likely order a Margarita followed by a cheap ice-cold house white wine, but make sure you ask who makes the best mar out of all of the bar staff when ordering one, this is the easiest way to guarantee your marg tasting good.

Ciao, Mate! in Bangalow. I go with whatever takes my interest on the blackboard.


HARVEY: Anything with mandarin or citrus in it. There used to be a sports drink called Mizone with a mandarin flavour that I miss dearly. I’m sure your readers do too.

MONTE: Montenegro over ice with a slice of orange. My friends and I call it “the taste of jazz”.

Aspirin, dog walk and a swim at your local pool

Strong dandelion tea and the ocean


HARVEY: Anything with a nice label on it. Never trust anyone who knows too much about wine. Take pride in enjoying something without knowing too much about it.

MONTE: Lansdowne Super Plonk


Port Phillip Estate, the building is magnificent. Built by Melbourne based architect Wood Marsh, I highly recommend spending the day there if you ever get a chance

Medhurst Wines in the Yarra Valley. Sophisticated, bucolic and relaxing.


HARVEY: The last stop of our Club Liaison tour is in Darwin. I would like to swim in all the billabongs. I’m currently trying to convince my friends to get on board.

I dream of visiting Brazil and seeing as much live music as possible, especially the greats like Gilberto Gil, Marcos Valle and Jorge Ben.


HARVEY: We’ve always had Cruisers, the Lush Guava flavour being our favourite, on our rider which our crew particularly love to have one after the show. Aside from being delicious, we feel a deep personal connection to them. People have the brands they like, or their go to drink and over the years, Cruisers have become our go to drink backstage.


MONTE: The process was intimate. We got to throw around a heap of ideas and settled on a range of items that we’d be keen to use over summer. We both love the beach and something that you could share with friends such as a Vintage Cooler. Also being able to borrow from the visual identity of Cruiser was fun, allowing us to use hot pinks and other bright colours that exist in the product range.


HARVEY: We were at school together, so it’s been humbling to be able to continue that narrative forward. I’ve always said Monte’s best talent will forever be, being able to order food for the whole table at a restaurant no matter what the size. This ability has served us well over the years.

We’ve been so lucky to travel and taste the world together. Harvey has a keen sense of adventure and embracing his inner child which is embodied in our music and visuals. From skiing and snowboarding to starting our own limousine business to tasting the local delights of Outback Steakhouse and Sizzler. There have been countless times when the absurdity of our situation has resulted in uncontrollable fits of laughter.  Hopefully some of this joy is contagious and people feel like they’re coming along for the ride.



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