At The Bar with Andre Warhurst

Melbourne singer/songwriter and musician Andre Warhurst returns to the Lulie Tavern this Friday night with his band The Rare Byrds –dialling up their affection for 60s and 70s Americana. And what better way to segue into the retro nostalgia, than belt out their single Blue Eyed Gun which was recently remixed by legendary American producer Ron Nevison who has worked with The Who and Led Zeppelin.

Warhurst also plays in Chris Cheney’s band, and worked as a sideman for Kram [Spiderbait], Clare Bowditch and Jet. Best known for his 90s band Manic Suede, Warhurst continues doing what he loves – to tour and make music.

His debut solo album This is Andre Warhurst is out now on Rubber Records.

He spoke to The Write Drop for our At The Bar series – sharing his favourite interstate bar, a Melbourne local he can’t get enough of, and what he likes to drink when catching up with his fabulous Bang On podcast host and sister Myf Warhurst.


I live in Melbourne and I love it because it’s a live music town.


I toured Japan with my brother’s band Rocket Science. We were invited to have sushi somewhere in Tokyo with my brother Kit and Meg White from The White Stripes. I remember it was on the top floor of a sky scraper.


Labour in Vain Brunswick St, Fitzroy. I’ll have a 7 ounce with Roman and chat with Vanessa.


Maybe a Fireball – it’s pretty outgoing, which is like me if sip on this!


A Bloody Mary and ‘new dad’ (energy drink of choice).


Upstairs at Lefty’s in Brisbane where I enjoyed a post-gig Penfolds Shiraz.


A Penfolds Shiraz or Stonier Pinot Noir. If we’re celebrating, a glass of Veuve is great.


I loved visiting Tahbilk Estate near Nagambie in Victoria. Lovely people and awesome wine.


I’m heading to the Lulie Tavern in Abbotsford, Melbourne this Friday night to play a single launch show with my band the Rare Byrds.

Tell us about the remix with Ron Nevison and when did you first dive deep into Americana?

My label Rubber Records ear marked Blue Eyed Gun as a single and suggested Ron Nevison remix the track. This instantly blew my mind. I grew up listening to classic rock records. My older brother had a great vinyl record and tape collection. Ron has worked with The Who, Led Zepplin, Heart and many others. His work as an engineer and producer is amazing. I jumped at the chance to work with him. Ron’s remix of Blue Eyed Gun is exciting and also nostalgic for me as he worked on some of those albums I had listened to and still love.

My first real experience of Americana was seeing Springsteen with 70,000 people at the Melbourne Show Grounds in the mid 80’s. The sound and energy coming off ‘The Boss’ fronting an American stadium band really hit me.

What do you most love about what Ron brings to the remix?

I love how Ron has brought his 70’s flavour to the sound of the track. His mix makes it roll. After initially listening to the track, Ron mentioned he would focus on making the song sound more like a Rolling Stones track, bringing the guitars up in the mix. I thought OK, we’re on the same page here. It’s still a pretty laidback sounding song compared to other tracks on the album, but I love that he’s brought all his talents to the table on Blue Eyed Gun. Big lush drums, bass that grooves, weaving guitars that sound full and the electric piano dancing under my vocals.

What’s the biggest thrill on stage when playing with your band?

My biggest thrill is the connection I get out of playing with The Rare Byrds. I get a lot out of playing live. It’s a release. I’ve been lucky enough to tour and record with some amazing artists. The Rare Byrds are totally up for it. When we play shows, they push me to live it and put myself out there. Together, we’re adventurous. We’ll take some risks and sniff out the thrill. It’s what I need in a band. Rock and roll is meant to be dangerous.

If you’re having a drink with your sister Myf Warhurst, what’s the go-to?

Myf is aways shouting the high-end champers when we get together. I’m not complaining! Cheers and love you Myf!

What’s usually on your tour rider?

Hopefully, I can sit on a Hop Nation Giddy Hazy mid strength beer before the show. Afterwards, maybe a Gordon’s gin and tonic. I’m not too precious when it comes to the rider.

Check out the video clip for Blue Eyed Gun here:

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