At The Bar With Scott Lord Executive Chef At Moonhouse

New Zealand born chef Scott Lord moved to Melbourne in 2015 working at Cumulus Inc as a Chef de Partie before joining the Commune Group. He spent two years at Japanese restaurant Tokyo Tina, later fulfilling his kitchen credentials at Sunda Dining, New Quarter and now as Executive Chef at Moonhouse.

He joins a huge line-up of Melbourne chefs lending their culinary excellence to the menu at Fusion Feast at the Australian Open in 2024. He talks to The Write Drop for our At the Bar series.


Melbourne for its food, bars, cafes and art – what’s not to love.


Hard to pick just one, but growing up in Otago, New Zealand, I was spoilt by the selection of stone fruit from apricots, cherries, or juicy plums that would stain my new T-shirts. Picking cherries in an orchard in Alexandra, to baking and testing apricot brulee in a hotel in Dunedin stand out as great memories.


Smalls Wine Bar in South Melbourne – no longer around R.I.P. Jess Ho used to slog it out at here and the hospitality was the best I have experienced. From leaving our groceries in their cool room while we had a drink on the way home, to the constant blunt banter this place was refreshing. More recently I have fallen in love with Studio Amaro. It has quickly become my new knock-off spot, with DJs and friendly staff and delicious cocktails created by Marcus Lubiato.


Starward Solera Single Malt Whiskey on the rocks. Neat, tidy and straight forward simple with notes of sweetness and conscientiousness.


Two Panadol tablets, two Hydralyte tablets (lemonade flavour), two Berocca tablets (mango flavoured) water, a Kebablab (Lamb with tabbouleh and special sauce, strictly), one Woodfrog bagel filled with chilli scrambled eggs and bacon – ask for extra hot. In the morning – drink one cup of Coffee from Padre Daddy’s Girl blend.


Choosing a favourite wine proves challenging for me, given my preference for seasonal variations: pet-nats and rosé during summers, and rich, deep reds in winter. With the cooler weather, I found myself gravitating towards Adam Foster’s 2022 Demi by SYRAHMI Shiraz.


Pt Leo Estate. I love this place and it has been a different experience each time I have visited, from casual quality dining to fine dining at Laura, or a tasting at their wine cellar. All visits have ended with a walk around the sculpture-park walk. Do yourself a favour and take home a case of their rosè.


FIN Pinot Gris ‘Speedo Gris’ 2022. It’s fun and well made and wine for any occasion. Made in the heart of Yarra Valley. Gus and his team have nailed their aim of making smashable wines.


Queenstown New Zealand to see my family and eat at Amisfield Winery.


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